Track Review: SQUIRE – ‘Electric Self’

Summer 2020 will be one to remember for a multitude of reasons. One of which, indicated by empty fields and a slump in the portaloo industry, is that festival season will be a quiet one. However, do not fear, SQUIRE’s latest single, ‘Electric Self’, is the escapism you require. Picture this: a sunny afternoon, bass pounding through your feet, beer in hand, your hair has seen better days. Sit back and let this 5-minute indie aperitif transport you there.  

Particularly in the past year, SQUIRE has been toiling his way through the ranks. A completely independent musician, he plays all the instruments on his tracks with production help from Jake Smurthwaite (Sound Box Audio). His first album, Broad Daylight, received local success as well as airtime on BBC Newcastle. From there, he has been recognised by BBC Introducing North East and supported the likes of Only The Poets. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get this indie high-flyer on your radar.

Hailing from Newcastle and Leeds, it’s no wonder that SQUIRE has absorbed the musical landscape of rock and pop. Throughout his music you can find strains of classic indie, like your Kaiser Chiefs or Little Comets, alongside substantial anthemic qualities heard in bands such as The Police or even Gang of Four. ‘Electric Self’ combines these unbeatable ingredients to produce a sweet summer treat.

SQUIRE in the studio via Instagram

The track has an almost sun-dried atmosphere, resonating in hazy guitar, laid-back rhythms and undulating vocals. SQUIRE demonstrates his vocal reach with high notes nestled within the chorus. Forewarning, this chorus is an ABSOLUTE earworm. Be prepared to hum ‘Electric Self’ for the rest of your life, or at least until the end of the day. The song has this indescribable festival quality, it manages to encapsulate the joy and the release you feel from live music. In part, this is due to its uplifting, uber-catchy sound. However, it is also the lyrics and their emotional oomph which heighten the mood.

Throughout the track there is a tone of pain, a sense of struggle, but of also having people there to support you. The chorus centres around the line: “Brother please believe me, talking it out is the best kinda dealing!” In the past few years, there has been a much-needed push in the way of mental health – particularly regarding men. ‘Electric Self’ seems to advocate against the message of bottling up your feelings and ‘manning up’ – celebrating instead the supportive network around you: “ooo you keep my head on my shoulders, oooo you keep my feet on the ground.” Speaking on the track himself, SQUIRE said that “this is a song about friendship. It’s a song about battling circumstance and having a good time nonetheless.” It is a nourishing track, feeding both the mind and the body – making you want to dance as well as hug your pals. 

‘Electric Self’ is the second track to be pre-released from SQUIRE’s upcoming second album. If the rest of the project carries on like this, we won’t be mourning the loss of Glastonbury for long. Festival season may be paused, but the wheels of summery indie music are still turning.

Youth Is Forever is set to be released this August – keep your eyes peeled!

The verdict: A comforting pot noodle that you are munching whilst sat in a camping chair at your fav festival. It’s warming, it’s easy and will power you through the day. Cheap, cheerful and utterly unbeatable (ノ ͡♥ ‿ ͡♥)ノ

Listen for yourself:

For resources regarding mental health please visit:

  • The campaign against living miserably (CALM) exists to prevent male suicide in the UKTheir helpline offers confidential, anonymous and free support, information and signposting to men anywhere in the UK.
  • The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day to provide confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts.
  • Time to Change is a mental health campaign with the objective of reducing mental health-related stigma and discrimination.

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