Track Review: Mamilah – ‘Disappear’

There has been a Mamilah shaped gap in our lives for almost 2 years. Reappearing at exactly the moment we needed them, ironically with the song ‘Disappear’, their sunny nu-soul will brighten your isolation blues.

The 7-piece from Leeds are formed of, *deep intake of breath*, Lydia Kotsirea on vocals, Aisling Doherty on Keys, Freddie Ricketts on bass, Ed Allen on guitar, Matthew Alan Hill on drums, Hannah Mae Birtwell on Saxophone and Dan Coulthurst on Trumpet. The extensive line-up certainly translates into a full-bodied, tidal wave of sound. ‘Disappear’, produced with the help of Greenmount StudiosEndless StudioHippocratic Mastering and a sax appearance from Tom Richards, doesn’t depart from this tradition.

Mamilah by CLASH

In classic Mamilah style, their brand of soul music is paired with elements of funk, jazz, a sprinkle of R&B and even a dash of trip-hop. Combining these flavours, the final product carves its own place into the Leeds scene. Within 30 seconds of ‘Disappear’, even from the first drumbeats, these nuances collaborate to produce something zesty and full of sparkle.

The lyrics touch on the trials of neglect and getting through its challenges. Beginning with: “don’t you go turn your back on us”, it’s almost perfectly reflective of our current Covid-climate in which artists are suffering from closed venues and postponed tours. Indeed, as they said on twitter: “Disappear explores a world where people pull together and find common ground in times/situations of hardship and inequality. We didn’t expect it to be so relevant.” Appropriately timed, it is now more important than ever to support your local artists, record shops and venues.

April 3rd was a big day for music, a new album from Thundercat and a surprise drop from Frank Ocean threatened the coverage of literally ANYTHING ELSE. But, ‘Disappear’ held its own, perhaps a reflection of the delight of fans finally tucking into new material after two long years. Mamilah’s second EP, “Talk Less”, is set to be released on the 15th of May and from this sneak-peak, it’s gon’ be a party.

The verdict: Mango sorbet. Packed full of juicy sweetness, it’s an instant mood booster (unless you don’t like mango…) Refreshing, family-friendly and all about those summer vibes ~ get it in ur mush (✿◠‿◠)

Listen for yourself:

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