Album Review: Kojaque & Luke Palm – Green Diesel

‘YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT GREEN MATE’ – well let me introduce you… packed full of flavour, this collaborative mixtape cooked up by Kojaque and Luka Palm is Michelin star worthy.

Green Diesel is the newest brainchild from Soft Boy Records. The project predominantly features Dublin based hip-hop artists Kojaque and Luka Palm, both testimony to the talent emerging from Ireland these past few years. It follows their previous collaborative work on Kojaque’s brilliant conceptual piece Deli Daydreams and Luka’s track ‘Nightlink’. Green Diesel showcases 8 tracks, 2 previously released (‘Date Night’ and ‘Airbnb’) with another (‘Paris, Texas’) being teased at live gigs. [Side note: check out the videos for the first two because Sam McGrath and Kojaque make MAGIC]

This project does have a discernibly heavier feel to it in comparison to their earlier work, certainly drawing on more trap influences and sounds. Saying that, the first track ‘Flight 208’ has a lo-fi feel which is slower and smoother – caramel to the ears. From this ‘Airbnb’ and ‘Date Night’ PICK UP THE ENERGY with spicy beats and firey bars. An angelic singing apparition of Kojaque appears throughout another lo-fi-esque track ‘Paris, Texas’, before a highlight of the project, ‘Fruity Pebbles’, kicks in. I KNOW its short but ‘Fruity Pebbles’ is classssssssss. The tranquil flowy textures are reminiscent of the jazzy electronic sound of Resavoir. Mixed with the mischievously satirical voicing over the top, this interlude is bizarrely beautiful.

‘SPIT DAT OUT’ picks the tempo back up (honestly this project is a roller coaster). The trap aesthetic certainly stands out on this track with the swift busy hi-hat and pared down drums. If you aren’t polishing your braggadocio by rapping alongside “SPIT DAT OUT SPIT DAT OUT, get my name from out your mouth, bitch don’t make me pull your chain and send the police to your spouse’, quite frankly you’re missing out (shout out beyblades as well). ‘Chew Toy’, which features smokey vocals from Scottish rapper CHLOBOCOP, has rap rock vibes kinda similar, but not as heavy, to ‘Lapdance’ by N.E.R.D. The final track, ‘Phoenix’ is another favourite of mine with its eclectic sound (the triangle is fire) and meditative lyrics. The jazzy piano, buttery synth and news report samples finish off the project in a way reminiscent of Deli Daydreams. “Just hitting the M4 southbound here, on our way down to Nass to get a slushie wit ur ma” actually made me laugh out loud.

Green Diesel overflows with confidence, allowing both artists to explore a heavier sound. A special mention must finally go out to Oscar Torrans for the magnificent cover art, as well as production from, but not limited to, Kean Kavanagh, Gaptoof, Matt Finnegan and New Machine. “THAT’S PREMIUM SHIT, THAT’S GREEN DIESEL” – aye they aren’t wrong.

Verdict: (Avoiding something Irish or green) I’m going to go for lemon meringue pie. It’s bold, its creamy, it does what it wants, it ain’t afraid to be overpoweringly flavourful, it’s not apologetic. Both a roller coaster of emotions, lemon meringue pie and Green Diesel are not to be underestimated.

Listen for yourself:

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